Posted by: Andrew | January 8, 2010

day seven: i penned for teller

I don’t bank at a large institution.  I don’t have the convenience of an ATM on every corner.  I don’t have fancy programs like “Keep the Change.”  I don’t even have regular business hours at my bank (not even the drive-thru is open on weekends).  That’s okay though.  The one thing my bank has that others don’t is DAY SEVEN.

When I set up my bank account in college, there were three branches in town.  In Dallas, there is only one location.  It’s small and only on a couple of occasions have I ever seen anyone else in the lobby besides myself.  DAY SEVEN is always there.  Waiting.  Never too busy.  Always ready to handle my banking needs.  We always exchange pleasantries and discuss superficial topics like the weather and the near arrival of a weekend.  DAY SEVEN and I aren’t particularly close, but she is a constant in my life and I find that comforting.

Even though I interact with DAY SEVEN, I decided to keep with the text format of this project and create an explanatory postcard.  I did, however, briefly preface the card before handing it to her.  My “Before I leave, I’d like to tell you about a project I’m working on” line induced a worried expression.  Sliding the note across the counter only increased the worry.  Though I’m sure she was just confused, I feared she thought the note sliding was an attempt to rob the place so I smiled and quickly excused myself.

I have no idea how DAY SEVEN will react to this project, but I hope it doesn’t get awkward.  The bank is too small for that.



  1. I just hope that the next time you go to deposit a check there isn’t a swat team waiting for you :D :D

    I really want to hear what happens when you go back to the teller.

    You are an inspiration.

    I was thinking, you should also sign up for Stumble Upon and other places where people can find you. Really – your project is a very cool undertaking that needs to get noticed.

  2. Hi, Lagunatic, thanks for the kind words and keeping up with the blog!

    I’m into social networking sites, but I’m new to the blog world. Forgive the ignorance :/ , but what is StumbleUpon?

  3. Hooray! I heart DAY SEVEN! :)

  4. I love this! I am a teller at a VERY conservative one branch bank in Dallas…and…I am the main lobby teller so most days you just see me up here on the teller line. It is ALWAYS a breath of fresh air when someone walks in from the LBGT community. Keep on rockin Sugar!

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