Posted by: Andrew | January 11, 2010

day ten: miranda hobbes will take you to court

The Scientific Method also requires you to communicate your results. 

Results:  DAY NINE wrote back with what she calls mixed feelings about being gay.  While she does not believe it is what God plans for us, she believes the government shouldn’t interfere in anyone’s personal business.

The last step in the Scientific Method is to retest.  Though I would love to respond and make a case for full acceptance, that is not my intent with this project.  I’m simply sharing who I am.  Also, there is no way to mandate acceptance.  The goal should instead be equal protection under the law which, though not explicitly stated, is something I believe DAY NINE supports.   

Though equal protection should be the goal, I believe the success of that goal can continue to change minds towards acceptance.  At the National Equality March, actress and activist Cynthia Nixon said something so striking that I YouTubed her speech when I returned home.  She said:

[Equal protection] is important because when a country has different laws for different categories of people, it sends its population a message: that the different group of people with lesser rights are somehow inferior and are less deserving of respect and are, in fact, not wholly human. And that message is heard loud and clear by the worst elements of our society and it instructs them that if they are looking for someone to bully or beat or even kill – if they are looking for someone vulnerable to prey upon, gay people are a ready target. And that is why this movement is not just about our ability to get married. 

This movement is surely about the individual rights we are lacking, but it also about so much more.  It is about changing the message our laws are sending.  Though DAY NINE is probably firmly entrenched in her views, I believe that equal protection under federal law can gradually reframe how gays are viewed by future generations.

*Today I Facebook messaged DAY TEN who was a high school classmate of mine.  Like many my age, he is now married and has a precious newborn.  I’m hoping her father is someone who would love and accept her even if she is gay.

P.S.:  The Prop8 trial widely believed to make its way to the US Supreme Court began today with opening statements.  You can follow up-to-the-minute news at The Advocate’s Twitter page.



  1. good for you in sharing who you are! keep up the good work.

  2. Hey Andrew, I read your blog earlier today and just not happened to come across another article I think you might like/find useful(?). I found it on the blog of Matt Yglesias, a DC progressive. Long story short, apparently states that vote down gay marriage tend to have higher and rising divorce rates…

    I’ll be following your story, keep it up!

  3. Wonderful post.

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