Posted by: Andrew | February 18, 2010

day forty-eight: paper trail

There are 3 things that I distinctly remember about the first grade:

#1 – I disliked it so much that for the first few weeks my parents would wake up in the middle of the night with me standing beside their bed begging not to have to go back the next morning.

#2 – My mom forgot me at school one day.  After all of the kids were picked up by their parents, I was left there on the steps crying.  Alone.  Not knowing what was to become of me.  Okay, that’s overly dramatic, but that’s because it has become somewhat of a family to joke to give my mom a hard time about the situation.  She didn’t forget me – she just took a nap and overslept a little.  Come to think of it, #2 probably reinforced #1.

#3 – I got my first and only detention in my primary education.  Apparently, before we were dismissed for recess one day, DAY FORTY-EIGHT (a wonderful teacher) asked us to leave our completed homework on top of our desks.  Now, I’m not sure what the value of punishing a first grader for not leaving a piece of paper on his desk is, but I can assure you that my clean desk was not an act of defiance.  Despite my explanation that I did not hear her directions, I was sent to detention the next day during recess.

Though having never been to detention before, I was still fully aware that it was supposed to be this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad place.  It was supposed to correct behavior by essentially putting you in education jail – kind of like a precursor to T.I.’s Road To Redemption except without the felony gun charges.  However, I-loved-detention.  A quiet place where you could study or complete homework without being distracted?  Yes, please!

Though I didn’t find detention to be a punishment, I didn’t voluntarily incarcerate myself because I was in this habit of following rules.  Rules that I heard, that is.



  1. Oh Phifer, I loved this post for so many reasons. A) I have a similar “What is to become of me?” story so I can totally relate, B) any story featuring little kid Andrew always makes my heart smile just imagining your cuteness, C) your references to both Alexander and his day and to TI’s Road to Redemption, D) as a fellow nerd, I love your admittance that you enjoyed detention for all the wrong reasons. Such a good one. Keep it up, I look forward to this every day!

  2. The Mother’s Response: Okay, Okay, Okay……I left Andrew at School! Good grief……speaking of grief….DAY 48 will remember #3 as well because, when I found out about the detention, I was all over her like dew on Dixie; just like I was on the superintendent, when I sent a blanket to school with our oldest because there was no heat in the classroom and he didn’t appreciate the fact I was trying to keep our child warm; just like I was all over the principal, when a couple of boys beat the crap out of our youngest and he attempted to tell me they didn’t have the stable home life Adam had. (Do I at least get points for standing up for my kids?)

  3. Perhaps #1 caused said nap described in #2…


  4. hahahaha!

  5. Little Brother’s Response:
    1) These said kids did not “beat the crap out” of me, they kicked the crap out of my shin. What can i say? I’m a delicate flower.
    2) You were really late to pick me up at school in first grade as well (I’m beginning to see a pattern. An initiation maybe?)
    3) Holy social networking, Batman! I just now find out that my brother has a blog…….sellout =)

  6. i am realizing that need to make lists is very common in your family and is a learned trait from your lovely mom

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