Posted by: Andrew | February 19, 2010

day forty-nine: absent tellers & statistical punch lines

What are the chances?!

Today, when I went to deposit a check at my quaint community bank, DAY SEVEN wasn’t there!  Was.not.there.  This never happens.  She’s always there.  Weirder still was the fact that someone else was in her spot……I didn’t even know anyone else was a teller there!

I hesitantly walked up to the counter and was greeted by a kind replacement who was eager to assist me.  I was about to ask her where my regular teller was when I noticed that DAY SEVEN’s nameplate and business cards were still there.  Oh, she must have the day off!  Whew – I was relieved!  Momentarily.  In a moment of complete paranoia and imagination run amok, I thought that perhaps DAY SEVEN had seen me drive up and signaled for her replacement in accordance with the contingency plan that was no doubt drafted shortly after our last encounter.  She was clearly avoiding another awkward meeting by hiding in the bank vault.

Once that scenario had played been played out to comedic extremes in my mind, I conceded that she probably just had the day off.  But once again, what are the chances?  I’ve been going to this bank for three years now and DAY SEVEN has been my teller every single time.  I’ll just have to start making needless transactions until we meet again.

Speaking of probability, DAY FORTY-NINE was my professor for a summer school statistics course.  She was unbelievably nice and so prim and proper that [insert prim and proper idiom here].  Therefore, you can imagine my surprise when one class period DAY FORTY-NINE talked through a rather risqué problem on the board.  You see, there was this bag with red balls and blue balls and yadda yadda yadda, she asked the class what the probability was of drawing two blue balls in a row.  That’s one funny universal language.


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