Posted by: Andrew | March 28, 2010

day eighty-five: hey, mister arnstein, here she is

Mom & Me is a Scouting tradition where young Cub Scouts spend a weekend in the woods with their mothers experiencing all that mother nature has to offer.  You also experience what your actual mother has to offer as well.

If I had to guess, I would say I was 8 years old for my first Mom & Me.  My mom borrowed a GIANT tent for us to stay in – so big that it had a front porch separate from the sleeping area.  This decadent front porch had net walls so that you could lounge while experiencing nature from a protected distance.  Capitalizing on the lavishness of the tent, my mom made a “Tara” sign that was prominently displayed above the entrance.  We invited and entertained guests with a snack stash that promised our camp site would never be hungry again.

Unfortunately for us, our Mom & Me took place during the height of Texas Monsoon season.  It rained the.entire.weekend.  During the first night, my mom didn’t sleep because somehow daddy long leg spiders were taking refuge in our tent and she was protecting herself and an equally frightened (though unconscious and unaware) 8-year-old.  Actual Mother: 1, Mother Nature: 0.  Once light dawned on Saturday during a temporary break in the rain, one mother threw her soggy tent in the trunk of her Mercedes and called an early end to their outdoor adventure.  The rest of the moms and sons gathered on our front porch where we snacked, talked and played games.  DAY EIGHTY-FIVE was one of those mothers who stuck it out and had a great time (or at least pretended she did for all of us).  I remember she had one of those great laughs.  You know those laughs that make you chuckle whether you heard the joke or not?  Not even the rain could rain on her parade.



  1. That was one of my most memorable Mom and Me campouts. Our tent was like a water bed with a river swiftly flowing underneath the ground cloth. Tara was impressive and seems like it took a construction crew to get it put together. (I also remember another M and M when the whole pig roasted in the pit was only partially cooked.)

  2. It should also be noted: I wore a floppy brimmed hat and wore a “dead” wrist corsage to go along with the theme of Tara. As I recall, on the other M and M, the pig being roasted, on a skewer, over a pit looked like a Doberman Pincher. When served, the staff had the pig/dog laid out and were using gloves to “slap” huge portions on our plates………..I just said “thank you but I’ll starve.”

  3. i completely forgot about the mom and me! pam wasn’t necessarily bear gryls (sp?) but her laugh is and always has been necessary for my survival!

    enjoy the blog man, thanks for sending my way

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