Posted by: Andrew | April 4, 2010

day ninety-two: the price of a smile

DAY NINETY-TWO and I shared the same orthodontist.  Sitting in the waiting room knowing that your braces were about to be tightened within an inch of your life is downright terrifying.  Traumatic experiences like that bond people.

I had a slight overbite that had to be corrected by rubber bands running from my top front braces to my lower back braces.  Like many awkward kids before me, I had that moment at lunch one time where I was trying to affix my rubber band and it was propelled across the cafeteria in true slingshot fashion.  The sudden something-in-my-backpack interest was crucial to my feigned innocence and social survival.  I hope DAY NINETY-TWO didn’t have that kind of a traumatic experience.


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