Posted by: Andrew | April 7, 2010

day ninety-six: my comment overrated? word.

1)  Though DAY EIGHTY-SEVEN & DAY NINETY-ONE didn’t write back, they both requested me as a friend on Facebook which, in the world of social networking, counts for something.

2)  Today I went back to my community bank for the second time since I told DAY SEVEN and she wasn’t there again!  Unbelievable.  She’s always there!  Well, except for her absence in the DAY FORTY-NINE blog.  While filling out my withdrawal slip, I heard the other teller talking about DAY SEVEN so I know she still has to work there.  Perhaps I should park in a different parking lot and sneak up to the door before she hides.

3)  DAY NINETY-SIX is someone I haven’t contacted since graduation.  Though we were friends all throughout school, I remember a specific instance during the 7th grade when I intentionally got under his skin.  During one of our English classes, DAY NINETY-SIX kept interrupting me to fawn over the novel we were reading and knowing that he was a great admirer of the written word, I told him “words are overrated.”  His flushed skin, defensive response and eventual silence allowed me to get back to work.  I’m not even sure what exactly I meant by that, but I know I didn’t mean it.  Who doesn’t love words?!  Why remember a trivial event like that when it was eventually water under the bridge, right?  Perhaps it means I have an oddly overdue apology to deliver.


Tomorrow I fly to NYC for 5 days so I will be taking a little hiatus from the blog.  I will start blogging my final four days on Tuesday night.  Final four days?!?!???  Crazy!


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