Posted by: Andrew | April 13, 2010

day ninety-seven: no school spirits

It feels weird blogging again after a 5 day vacation – what am I going to do after Day 100?!?  Anywho, NYC was an awesome trip!  I saw a show at every time slot I could and while Next to Normal was my favorite show, A Little Night Music was a close second with the added bonus of childhood hero Angela Lansbury in the cast.  You may remember Angela’s hero status from DAY NINE: Jessica Fletcher and the Scientific Method.


Tyler, Texas, is 20 minutes from my hometown.  The recent attempt at censorship there is a perfect example of why I felt compelled to do this project.

Last month Tyler Civic Theatre approved a production of The Laramie Project, a collection of monologues crafted from interviews of Laramie, WY residents depicting the impact and aftermath of gay resident Matthew Shepard’s murder.  TCT received letters (according to KLTV, three letters) complaining that the play promotes a “gay agenda.”  I’ll go out on a limb and say that the persons complaining have never read/seen The Laramie Project.  I can’t imagine what anyone who has read/seen the play could find objectionable besides the actual crime it is based upon.

Unfortunately, Tyler has special need to stage this production because in 1993, 23-year-old gay Tyler resident Nicholas West was the victim of a hate crime murder.  Today, a vigil in support of the production was held outside of a regularly scheduled TCT board meeting where they were going to address concerns over the play.  While I was unable to attend the vigil, I emailed the TCT expressing my support for The Laramie Project.  I am happy to report that the Tyler Civic Theatre board once again approved The Laramie Project as part of their season!!  You can visit their Facebook page here.

DAY NINETY-SEVEN is a high school theatre classmate who unfortunately experienced censorship firsthand.  Not by our theater department.  By her mom.  The Dining Room was the first play my sophomore year and because it included alcohol in some scenes, her mom wouldn’t let her participate in the play.

I hope my letter finds DAY NINETY-SEVEN well and that, much like the TCT board, she will approve.


Tonight I got to hear pioneer activist Gloria Steinem speak at the University of Texas at Dallas campus and it was amazing!  Besides the bevy of brilliant quotes I gathered, she ended – as she says she always does – by issuing a 24-hour challenge.  Much like the 100 Days Project, it asks someone to do ONE thing in a 24-hour period.  Gloria said that starting at 9am on Wednesday, we each had to do “one outrageous thing in the name of simple justice.”  She said that this could be as simple as saying “pick it up yourself” to a more complicated decision to run for public office.  Regardless, she said two things will happen: 1) You’ll feel better about yourself 2) Thursday will be a better place.



  1. Welcome home!!!!

  2. You always write such interesting/entertaining/thought-provoking things. But today all I can think is HE SAW ANGELA LANSBURY. Much to the chagrin of you-know-who, I adore Angela Lansbury.

  3. Oh Jessica!

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