Posted by: Andrew | April 16, 2010

day one hundred: resolutions resolved

It is very hard to share things with my little brother, especially when I want it all to myself.  I – oops! – Our family got a computer for Christmas this year, and we are fighting for the controls.  I think what I will do for the time being is to work on my Texas History Project because I really need the time.  Of course thinking of all the games makes me weak, but I will carry out my 1997 resolution of sharing our computer.  After the History Fair I will probably read my A.R. book because I usually only get thirty points.  If I don’t carry out my resolution my brother should not worry because my mom will.

I recently found my 7th grade school journal and, as indicated in the block quote, the above was my 1997 New Year’s Resolution entry.  Barring the basic writing and grammar errors (egad!), I think it’s a fitting last blog since my YouKnowAGay project is a New Year’s Resolution as well.

Things to note about the ’97 entry:

  • I chose to use my valuable computer time to do homework.  Geez.
  • As established in DAY EIGHTY-NINE, I’m sure the Accelerated Reader book I was going to read was Hank the Cowdog.
  • In the last line, I acknowledge the resolution will be carried out regardless of my volition.
  • Luckily, I completed that year’s resolution.  Also, I’ve luckily started making more advanced resolutions.

DAY ONE HUNDRED (so weird typing that!) was my 7th grade teacher who required the journal.  Though I’m sure at the time I would have rather been playing on the computer than writing in my journal, I’m glad it was mandatory because I had the BEST time rereading what life was like for my 12-year-old self.  I suspect I’ll have the same feeling looking back on these blog entries many years from now.

***This marks the end of my 100 Days Project!!  However, be sure to check in tomorrow for a conclusion post that will wrap up everything!



  1. Andrew, I have so enjoyed your project. Sorry to see it end. Hope you will continue to post to your blog. Congratulations! Well done.

  2. *starts slow clap*

  3. What an accomplishment! My sincere congratulations on your successful project. You may have set out to contact “only” 100 people (Do I even know that many?), but your words reached thousands more. Your insightful 7th grade journal showed promising writing skills. This blog proved a mature talent. Continue to write, C.A. Your fans need you.

  4. Congratulations!!!
    And thank you. You are an amazing person and I’m glad you shared this project with us. The impact you have made can’t be measured :)

  5. i think it’s even more amazing, given the nature of your project, that your 100th day was national day of silence. i’m so glad that you “broke the silence” with various people in your life/from your past :)

  6. Coincidentally, the movement in the Methodist Church, for inclusion for all, is called “Breaking the Silence.”

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