30 Days: Week 1

Sorry!  After I published my last post on Saturday, I’ve been an absentee blogger :-/  However, there are those who have taken up the 30 Days of YKAG who have been very present!  There were a couple of people who emailed me to ask me specific questions about how I conducted my once a day committment and I hope their journeys are going well.  I know it’s tough to find your footing at the beginning, but kudos to all for taking the first step.  It does get easier.

I think my 30 Days of YKAG will be separate pages labeled by week and updated periodically throughout that time.  Since they will not be updates to my homepage, I think subscribers will have to check in manually with the absence of email notifications.  I’ll document any other replies that I’ve received as well as any LGBT news stories that are of interest.

First, DAY NINETY-FOUR responded with a letter that I consider to be positive.  They thanked me for taking the time to write to them and caught me up on some church news.  My grandfather, a former pastor at the church, recently visited and they recounted how much they enjoyed catching up with him.  They ended the letter by saying what a fine young man they think I am.  I was pleasantly floored.  Planting a seed, y’all.

Also, perhaps the biggest LGBT news story of the week is happening right here in Texas!  Two men, known as J.B. & H.B., were married in Massachusetts in 2006 before moving to Texas.  Now they are trying to get a divorce in Texas, a state that has a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.  How can you get a divorce when your marriage isn’t legally recognized by the state?  That’s the issue at hand.  You can read about the story here or a number of other news sources – it’s everywhere!


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