30 Days: Week 4

Congratulations!  I know both your relief and sadness at the completion of your time-consuming but hopefully rewarding projects.  I know that everyone’s participation took different forms, but I’m overwhelmed by the eagerness to make a difference.  I’ve learned via comments, blogs, tweets and messages of everyone’s contributions and each one truly counts!

Now, on day 31 just like in day 101 of my project, we have to continue our righteous fight for equality even if it’s not in such a structured format as this.  We can overcome ignorance and prejudice with education and openness.  Maybe you’re gay and you can tell someone you’re gay.  Maybe you’re straight and you can tell someone you’re an ally.  Maybe someone asks you a question about LGBT discrimination and you can educate them on some specifics.  Maybe you used to be intolerant and you can share your journey towards acceptance.  Whatever your contribution, it’s all important.  Continue to tell your story.



  1. congrats to all!

  2. Thanks for the challenge and sharing your own 100 days!!

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