30 Days of YKAG

Join 30 Days of YouKnowAGay!

Starting on April 16th (my 100th day), I challenge participants to take 5 minutes out of everyday for 30 days to write a quick note to an old friend, an elementary school teacher, a former pastor, a childhood neighbor, etc. and share a part of who you are with them.  Let them know that they know someone gay!

To pledge to start your own 30 days on April 16th, just declare by comment on this page below using a screen name of your choice.  This is a super basic format, but I believe that putting a face on this issue – your face – can really make an impact.


To help spread the word about this project, you can visit:


P.S.:  Though not required, after day 100, I will create a new blog entry daily for 30 days so that you can drop by sporadically and comment to let us know how your own project is going.  Inspiration always welcome.



  1. I hope I am able to take your challenge starting the 16th Didn’t know if you knew that that was the Day of Silence or not :)
    Last year and it happened to fall on an event where I got to show my artwork, it was torture not being able to talk about my artwork, but I handed out information and got a lot of positive feedback.
    This year I have a conference to go to. I’ve become a pretty social person and I was looking forward to being able to network. I think it is great that this will be my first blog for my 30 days… I have to start thinking of 30 people…

  2. Count me in :) this’ll be fun slash proactive!

  3. saw your blog on 20 something bloggers, great idea, i’m in too!

  4. Great Idea! I’m in!

  5. I’ll be doing this. :)

  6. I started my Thirty days yesterday! you can read about it here: http://trentoniantv.wordpress.com/2010/04/16/ykag-day-1/
    and follow my progress here: http://trentoniantv.wordpress.com

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